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To inspire lasting change through research, innovation and extension

The Directorate of Research, Innovation, Consultancy and Extension is an arm of the University mandated to generate evidence through research, consultancy and extension. The Directorate is responsible for coordination of all research activities, nurturing innovations and providing linkages with Amref health Africa (AHA) globally, partners (local and international) and communities for extension. Leveraging AHA over sixty years’ experience of  quality and innovative public and community health interventions in over 30 countries in Africa, the Directorate  is a think tank that brings together students, faculty and  researchers  to  contextualise research ideas and opportunities to contribute to policy, practice and well-being of society.

Through strategic partnerships and working in collaboration with Amref Health Africa projects and programmes globally, the Directorate provides linkages for student exchange programmes, field attachments/practicums and scholarships to advance the university’s vision of developing transformational leaders.

Dr Alice Lakati, PhD

Dr. Alice S. Lakati, PhD,

Director, Research and Community Extension


Word from the Director, Research, Innovation, Consultancy and Extension

Welcome to Amref International University, Directorate of Research, Innovation, Consultancy and Extension (RICE). Thank you for visiting our website. Our focus is to advance our mission of inspiring lasting change through research, innovation and extension.  We aim to strengthen the capacity of our faculty and students through linkages with local, regional and international research and academic institutions.

The University research priorities are well aligned with Amref health Africa programmatic areas of which, there are at least 100 projects being implemented at any one time in over 10 African countries.  We leverage these projects and programmes to implement research that has the greatest impact in transforming lives of our communities.  The Directorate is supported by the University faculty and Amref health Africa widely published researchers and programme leaders in health systems, water and sanitation, maternal newborn and child health, reproductive health, digital health, public health surveillance, public health nutrition and climate change among other upcoming issues.

We support our undergraduate and post graduate students’ research through linkages to Amref health Africa communities of practice that bring together researchers and programme implementers in the region to deliberate on existing health gaps at community level. The students get an opportunity to engage and learn from ongoing health interventions in the region.

The directorate invites interested institutions, organisations and researchers to collaborate and partner with us in developing health solutions, cutting edge innovations and advance initiatives towards the lasting health change in Africa. 

Strategic Objectives


To seek opportunities for focused research through linkages with Amref health Africa programmes globally and local and international funding agencies and provide technical support to faculty and students to generate evidence that impact on the health and well-being of society.

Research Dissemination and Publication

To strengthen the capacity of faculty and students in research development, implementation and provide linkages for dissemination of evidence through conferences and publications.


To incubate innovations in health sciences and promote their replication and implementation for the advancement of health and wellbeing of society.


To seek for opportunities for consultancies in research and generate funds to support student and faculty capacity building.


To  provide  linkages  and create an interface between research and communities and  ensure transfer  of innovations and practices for the advancement of health and wellbeing of society

Student Exchange

To seek opportunities for student exchange through networking, collaboration and partnership with local and international universities and create synergies for knowledge sharing and continuous learning.


To seek opportunities for strategic partnerships and strengthen existing relationships with communities, governments, local and international organisation in support of our mission.